Unified Tool for Minimum Acceptance Test, Business Process Automation and More

‘Any One Can Automate Testing’ is an open-source Testing Automation tool, developed by Infosys for regression testing. This is designed to reduce testing cycle time during quarterly patch updates from Oracle, for their product/ applications, and volume testing etc. Alternatively, it has also been utilized for efficient business process handling, resulting in significant time and resource savings. This blog unfolds those alternative applications of this tool to manage work more efficiently and to increase productivity.

Introduction to the ‘Any One Can Automate Testing’ tool
This testing tool was developed primarily for below given use areas.

System Setup and Configuration can be done for a new instance. Updates in multiple configuration parameters in the existing instance is also possible with this tool.

Automated Regression Testing

  • In cloud-based systems patch deployment happens frequently, from the application owner, like Oracle, for Merchandise Foundation Cloud Service. After every patch deployment and version upgrade of application(s) Regression testing ensures that system is working fine.
  • In agile mode of implementation, as and when codes are deployed in instance, business critical scenarios are tested to ensure that key functionalities do not get adversely impacted.
  • While the tool was originally planned to be used with Oracle Retail modules like Merchandising, Planning, POS (Point of Sales) etc. Tool’s architecture allows it to be expandable to include any system in the client landscape with minimal investment.

This tool helps in Volume testing by creating larger data points, with comparatively lesser effort. Say, for example, creation of multiple regular items in Merchandise Foundation Cloud Service. Also, this tool can be used for processing large data, from UI. For example, loading of sales data.

In collaboration with business user, Usability Testing ensures environment/ system being fit for use. With this tool, typical set of basic activities can be tested, which are pre-recorded earlier.

Typical Workflow
This Selenium-based tool, records process, marks data input points, and adds nodes of result capturing (like screenshot to be taken and/or back-end data to be captured from database). Then the whole process is re executed with new input data points.

A simplistic flow chart shows these steps in more detail.

Rerun or execution of automated flow, can be done in multithreaded way as well, in parallel.

Alternative Usage of Tool
Beyond the primary usage of tool like regression and volumetric testing, this tool can easily automate repetitive business user actions. The users are required to record process steps one time which the tool leverages to execute on multiple sets of data and achieve desired business/process outcome. This frees up user bandwidth and allows them to focus on operational excellence and innovation initiatives.

Use Cases
Here are few illustrative scenarios where this tool has supported Business Scenarios as well as helped in Issue Resolution processes, and hence added value.

Benefits of this tool

‘Any One Can Automate Testing’ is dynamic, flexible, has demonstrated capabilities to handle business scenarios alongside testing, and is upgraded continuously by Infosys team. It can very easily help in addressing more varied business issue resolution and in handling data intensive processes.

Author Details

Sandeep Kumar Nema

Sandeep has 20+ years of experience from Retail front end to Retail IT backend ranging from WMS process consultant to Merchandising System consultant. He has been part of multiple transformation projects in Fashion, Pharma, Branded merchandise verticals. These projects included on prim versions of RMS as well as Oracle Retail Cloud Services implementations.


  • Good to see this .
    Does this for work for any Packaged Application – say Oracle Finance, HCM , Workday or its only limited to Oracle Retail ?
    Where is this Test suite hosted ? I assume its on Cloud .

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