Cloud Enablement in Manufacturing

McKinsey recently published an interesting statistic about Cloud in Manufacturing organizations – ~ 70% of Industrial manufacturers have cloud initiatives well underway.

Yes – that’s 70%!!

What that means is that when Manufacturers offer a “Phygital” experience to their dealers and customers – for hosting virtual events or offering virtual showroom experience, they would be leveraging Cloud. Or when they use IoT and GPS technologies to get real time visibility into their Supply Chain, they would be leveraging Cloud technologies.

So as the competition catches up and as the need to adopt Cloud across multiple use cases accelerates, Manufacturers would need to “up the game” and launch Cloud initiatives faster.

Additionally, there are 5 Mega trends happening in the Manufacturing space in the world – B2B2C, Servitization, Smart Manufacturing, Connected Products and Core Refresh – and these are changing the very fabric of how Manufacturing organizations do business, interact with their business environment and how they manage their internal processes. All of these mega trends are profoundly affected by Cloud – in fact some of them do not exist without Cloud – and hence the inherent need for a platform like the Infosys Cobalt.

Last year, Infosys launched COBALT, a set of services, platforms and solutions that act as force multiplier to cloud journey bringing all the cloud offerings under one umbrella. It has 3 broad components, namely:

·         Leverage Existing Assets:  Expand innovation with the cloud community and its 14,000 cloud assets

To enable Enterprises leverage the full potential of the cloud ecosystem, the Infosys Cobalt’s thriving community provides access to a catalog of over 14,000 assets to help businesses leverage the potential of the cloud ecosystem. The Infosys Cobalt cloud community, over time, will expand to include start-ups, partners, academia, gig workers and citizen cloud developers.

·         Speed-to-market with over 200 industry cloud solution blueprints and Infosys Cobalt Labs

With Infosys Cobalt, enterprises can have ready access to a growing portfolio of over 200 cloud-first solution blueprints. Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café, for example, is an AI-powered solution built over the ServiceNow cloud platform, that delivers ready-to-launch applications. With Infosys Cobalt Labs, at Infosys global digital centers, businesses can also co-create new solutions and accelerate speed to market. More broadly, Infosys Cobalt Labs works with the Infosys partner ecosystem to pre-configure partnerships to prototype industry solutions as well.

·         Secure the globally dispersed enterprise

With Infosys Cobalt, regulatory and security compliance, along with technical and financial governance, comes baked into every solution delivered. Enterprises count on Infosys Cobalt to securely access cloud capabilities and innovations from various partners with the assurance of the Infosys single-point accountability for secure outcomes.

Finally, while Cobalt, the mineral, has been used from time immemorial – by the ancient Egyptians and the Persians, unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii and found in Chinese pottery – for its famous Cobalt Blue color – we believe the Infosys Cobalt will be similar cornerstone for all Manufacturing organizations embarking on their Digital journey in the current millennium.


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Muralikrishna Viswanath

V. Muralikrishna (VMK) has more than 20+ years of experience spanning across multiple areas such as Business Development, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. VMK is currently working as the Head of Pre-sales for the Manufacturing Practice and prior to joining Infosys, he Co-Founded a startup in the Cloud based, Predictive Analytics space - Postero Technologies. He has experience of working with customers across multiple geographies - USA, Europe, India and Africa and so he brings a cross cultural understanding of customer needs and wants.

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