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There is certainly no dearth of smart technologies in our lives. We have our smartphones, smart TVs, and smartwatches. It seems to make sense that we also have “smart manufacturing.” Similar to other “Smart” objects where connectivity and real-time data are being used, smart manufacturing has also adapted such features to improvise its process. With the manufacturing market having incorporated concepts of Industry 4.0. & Digital transformation, multiple manufacturers are now inclined to become a part of this latest industrial revolution, which allows combining the physical tools with digitals for higher throughput.

Industries have evolved in their production processes. They have adapted to changes in the technology landscape to enhance and optimize their production to fetch better returns. Recent innovative entrants in the technological landscape such as big data and IoT have certainly helped them tweak and align their processes to boost productivity and minimize waste.

Below are a few key advantages in adopting smart manufacturing:

  • Placing customer primary: With the help of IoT devices Smart manufacturing helps in collecting data from factories and the end customer, which helps in process and product improvements. Smart factories can take a robust approach in identifying customer needs well in advance to deliver products that cater to such needs, thereby offering more value to the end customer.
  • Data insights:  Smart factories stay ahead of their competition by deriving data insights using data analytics. Smart manufacturers can perform faster business decision-making for improving the manufacturing process as well as improving products.
  • Less waste: One facet of deploying smart manufacturing tools is to help in identifying defects in products better, thereby, reducing waste. AI can also help to predetermine defects, enhance product accuracy, and bring more value to the manufacturer.
  • Cut down Errors and Boost Productivity: Along with machines and technology, Smart factories leverage smart tools to identify and automate redundant processes in their existing ecosystem. This helps in the enhancement of process accuracy, efficiency and helps manufacturers optimize their workforce for more productivity and value-driven tasks.

Smart manufacturing should not be looked at as a challenge but as an opportunity. It helps by using existing workforce and customer data to build an interconnected ecosystem that runs like clockwork. It grows smarter with continual enhancements across the value chain to deliver the rich customer experience that helps the manufacturer to become future-ready and a complete digital-native enterprise.

Do you also feel the need to restructure your factory – SMARTLY – by making minimal investment and lasting impact? If yes, then we believe Infosys Smart Manufacturing Solution would be your one-stop solution.

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Muralikrishna Viswanath

V. Muralikrishna (VMK) has more than 20+ years of experience spanning across multiple areas such as Business Development, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. VMK is currently working as the Head of Pre-sales for the Manufacturing Practice and prior to joining Infosys, he Co-Founded a startup in the Cloud based, Predictive Analytics space - Postero Technologies. He has experience of working with customers across multiple geographies - USA, Europe, India and Africa and so he brings a cross cultural understanding of customer needs and wants.

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