Legacy vs. Modern systems: 5 things that you can do better with the latter!

Private sector organizations in the financial, retail, telecom space are raising the bar when it comes to customer service and engagement. Customers expect, but unfortunately do not receive, similar experience from their government agencies. One reason is the antiquated systems and processes used by agencies to deliver services. Here’s why public sector organizations need to modernize their systems and the 5 things that they can do better with their modern systems.

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Kunal Deepak Ratanpal

Kunal is a Principal Marketing Manager with Infosys Public Services, a US-based subsidiary of global IT company Infosys (NYSE:INFY). Infosys Public Services offers business consulting and technology solutions to the US and Canadian public sector organizations. Kunal leads the marketing practice and is responsible for building the company's brand and driving growth. Kunal defines and executes marketing and brand building campaigns, and manages marketing operations including budgeting, procure-to-pay process, and financial reporting.

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