Flavio Aliberti

Senior Director Strategic Client Services
I love to study, scale, and optimize solutions to new digital dares. To accomplish this, I do three things: I choose technologies that are mature today and have the potential to grow tomorrow; I build teams and partnerships that innovate in temporary and changing environments; I create and share contagious visions while keeping the ball on the ground with best practices and strict methodologies. This requires a lot of reading and talking, and I like them both. Lately, I have started to note down my opinions around innovation and how new digital technologies are shaping the way we live. I publish them on Medium under publications like Data Driven Investors, Illumination, and An Idea. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working with highly reputed consulting firms leading large transformation programs in automotive, manufacturing, airlines, insurance, and life sciences industries, over more waves, and with virtual teams. I own two Master of Sciences, one in Space Aeronautic Engineering from the University of Naples (IT), and one in Advanced Information Technology and Business Management from the University of Wales (UK). Summing up: I’m a digital humanist focusing on technologies enhancing human interactions.