Relooking at Financial Inclusion – from a missed opportunity to the next big thing

In today’s rapidly evolving world, financial inclusion is no longer a moral imperative, but a strategic necessity. To help bridge the gap for the financially excluded population, financial inclusion acts as strong facilitator in achieving sustainable economic growth and access to banking innovation. We, at Infosys Consulting, firmly believe that ensuring widespread availability of financial tools to a wider population is critical in unlocking the full potential of a society and in further enhancing a country’s economic growth. Read more here >>

Relooking at Financial Inclusion – from a missed opportunity to the next big thing

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Somya Mishra

Somya is currently working as a Senior Consultant with Infosys Consulting. She comes with over 10+ years of extensive experience in Product Development, Project Management and Customer Experience Transformation, across Credit Risk Management, Commercial Lending and Digital Marketing domains. Her area of expertise includes implementing projects such as Loan Origination System, Early Warning System, Client onboarding and Disbursement documentation system.

Sumeet Verma

Sumeet Verma is a Senior Consultant with Infosys Consulting, bringing over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. His expertise lies in devising strategic solutions to empower financial institutions. His advocacy of design thinking methodology with deep understanding of the financial landscape, particularly regarding underbanked populations in the U.S., allows him to assist regional banks and credit unions in effectively reaching this critical market segment.

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