Wind Energy: Overview, Maintenance and Structured CMMS Implementation Approach

Wind Energy: Overview, Maintenance and Structured CMMS Implementation Approach

Many of us have seen large wind turbines (monster’s fans – as my kids call it) while travelling across cities. They are so huge that they are visible even from far. While we all know that these large wind turbines are used for generating power, there is less awareness about the details of how the electricity is generated, do they generate enough power compared to conventional power generation units, are they cost effective and what it takes to maintain them.

This multi-part blog series explains all about wind energy starting with a preview of the wind market, understanding of maintenance challenges, then concluding with a preview of the approach to implementing a holistic, futuristic and structured CMMS implementation approach for long term wind farm sustenance, generating maximum value from the investments. The blog also busts some common myths about wind energy. The parts of the blog series are:

  1. Wind Energy Market Overview and Wind Farms Structure
  2. Understanding Power Generation from Wind Turbine through its Components
  3. Typical Challenges with Wind Energy
  4. Wind Farm Maintenance and Associated Challenges
  5. Role of CMMS in Wind Farm Maintenance
  6. Structured CMMS Implementation Approach for Wind Farms

While we recommend reading the complete blog series to get a good broad understanding of Wind Energy overview, operation and maintenance; you can always directly jump to a specific section of the blog by clicking on the links given above.

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Vijeth Shanbhag

Vijeth Shanbhag is a Senior Consultant with Infosys and has 8+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management with industry experience in Energy & Utilities and Manufacturing sector.

Ganesh Badriprasad Murai

Ganesh is a seasoned consultant with over 19 years of experience in Process Design, Solution Design, Integrated Solution Architecture and Technical Solution Implementation in various functional areas like Supply Chain, Business Spend Management, Work & Asset Management, Field Mobility, Warehousing & Logistics. He has worked for clients across various industries like Utilities, Railroad, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Retail customer. He has presented in global forums like Maximo World and GO Maximo on multiple topics. He is a certified Maximo consultant and certified Coupa Consultant.

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