3.5x TCO Reduction through Effective High Volume Data Management using Couchbase Magma

Infosys in collaboration with Couchbase has been supporting a large tourism client for past few years to provide next level of user experience to its guests. The data was generated at a higher rate of thousands of datapoints per second and was gathered from 20 distinct datapoints. The data was then streamed to local Couchbase clusters for processing before being routed to a cloud-based analysis cluster.

The solution has endured the test of time and has provided significant insights to the business. Because of the program’s popularity, the number of venues and guests has increased fourfold in recent years, resulting in a massive rise in data volume. With data volumes taking strides, there was a need for an alternative solution. The client wanted to reduce the cost of running the analytics cluster.

The new Couchbase Magma storage engine presented a strong argument to cater to our client’s requirement. Its adoption not only helped in 50% lower disk usage but also 3.5x reduction in TCO.

Read the blog for more details on how Couchbase Magma Storage Engine helped the client reap rich benefits along with providing enough headroom to meet potential expansion for the future.



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Vageesh Gururaj Patwardhan

Vageesh is part of the Modernization Practice at Infosys and leads the Open Source database track. He is a hands on database architect with over 25 years of varied experience

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