Siva Balasubramanian

Senior Technology Architect
Siva Balasubramanian is a cloud and DevOps expert with 21 years of experience in IT infrastructure and programming. He has expertise in Azure/AWS/GCP Cloud, DevOps enablement, and security implementation on cloud. He has hands-on experience in DevOps pipeline and also an expert in code deployment on web application servers. He has experience in configuring and deploying web applications. He has experience with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub, and Docker registries and Kubernetes. He has a good command over Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems. He is an enterprise architect with experience in architecture, design, and implementation. He has extensive experience in cloud systems design and implementation. He has experience in cloud migrations from on-premises to cloud platforms. He has designed cloud deployment strategies that mitigate risk while meeting infrastructure and budgetary needs. He has extensive knowledge in the programming, architecture, and infrastructure domains.