AI Pin – The future of wearable device which makes us to move outside without mobile in our pockets

What is an AI Pin?

The device which is capable to perform most of the mobile and app’s feature in one tiny wearable. The user can just pin in front right or left chest pocket position and move freely without mobile in their pockets. It can perform features like make phone calls, messages, listen music, ask questions via voice, take pictures and wearable gadget with many AI facets. They can be accessed by voice and shows laser display.

How does the AI Pin play against the mobile app who ruled for decades ?

It might take some time to impact this AI Pin to penetrate into electronics market. If it does, then it may have some impact in mobile industry or could lead to graveyard for some mobile apps. The most common reason is, it does most of feature which a mobile device can do. This device can even play vital one man role in medical industry, say example to observe and guide a patient when there is an emergency. AI Pin believed not having radiation like mobile.

When it comes to watch a movie or video in AI Pin that’s where it does not have that feature to display it in screen like mobile. Although it’s a future device that have AI features and latest technology that can make use of by a device owner. It also take measures to security as well, only  via device owner’s voice commands it responds.

The product made its debut release of AI Pin by Silicon Valley based company called Humane Inc in January 2024 with most outstanding features like laser link display for menus in user’s palm, choose your fingers to make selection, ask anything anywhere at any time by just holding the touch pad with your voice, swipe to answer phone calls, send messages and other below features are included in latest release. This AI Pin industry is inspired by many entrepreneurs and they are trying to build their own brands.


It projects to your palm instead of screen
It listens your voice to make command
It gives the information of some thing that user asks for, example the nutritions information of a food item.
The device turns on only when the owner manually turns on or activates it.

Developments so far in AI Pin:

AI Pin is extra mindful of user and their time. It knows the trusted contacts and let know users when they are near. The AI also alerts if the call is received by untrusted contacts. It can have mindful favourite playlist. It gives nutrient suggestion if user asks about some food product choices. When it comes to your personal, this AI Pin remembers to relive your memories, organise and manages your belongings based on your preferences. It can take snapshots of high quality photos. The more interesting feature is, this AI pin is fluent in every languages and it’s very helpful if user roaming outside without knowing their native languages. These are the features known in AI Pin so far, hope in future it brings up mind-blowing updates and techniques in AI Pin Industry.


For mobile app users, suppose if we didn’t like a mail app, user has choice to uninstall and download another new app and try. Another example if we didn’t like any game or entertainment application, there are many options available in stores to try new. AI Pin device does not use apps and if user didn’t like any feature does not have choice to go for alternative. The current version of AI Pin doesn’t have customer support or emergency care support. The user have to manually open desktop or smartphone to contact their customer care. Let’s take a look about their AI model and its efficiency, according to review, they had test asking how many grams of proteins can a handful of almond held, AI replied 15 grams. Actually that’s wrong, according to dieticians, you might need to have at least 60 almonds to get 15 grams of protein. So their AI efficiency might not be able to give 90 % above confidence answers. Some technologist said if they couldn’t find the market, may end up in graveyard of failed devices.

Industry use cases that can leverage AI pin?

AI Bus is used as third party services for their AI models replacing apps in AI Pin. The first AI Pin industry is tied up with third party AI service providers and in this industry whoever coming up as future startups may also tie with third party service providers. Creating new generation of specialist, top Enterprises are currently developing large structured models to give shopping and entertainment experience for the users while offline mode in inflight customers. These services are not implemented in current AI Pin. They can do more enhanced features like workplace schedule, notifications, efficient chatbot, emergency care support, provide shopping and entertainment experience in AI models. Add AR in AI Pin may bring new user experience in study tools. These features could help AI Pin industry to penetrate more deeper in the market. Hope in future, by engaging top AI companies could brings up more mind-blowing updates in AI Pin and techniques in AI Industry.

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