Understanding the need for Hyper Personalization in Digital Era

Hyper personalization is a way to leverage analytics and artificial intelligence to offer a tailor-made experience to the customer. It’s a way to foresee customer needs and create unique experiences for each customer. The food for the idea is to create personalization at scale for each individual at the right time with the right message in a cost-effective manner. It is a trending strategy that more and more marketers want to adopt today.

Use case:
A most common example is where we have three different users and they are offered three different experiences owing to their individual choices. This gives each customer a sense of importance and premium user experience.

Realtime scenario:
One of the most-watched OTT platforms Netflix is designed to personalize viewing for each profile. Each profile’s interests are captured based on their watch history and the suggestions for shows are formulated. This makes each customer stick to the platform which increases their inquisitors for going back to their fun place.


  • Benefits:
    It helps customers to have an effortless shopping experience by reducing the obstacles in the sales funnel by providing everything they are looking for at their fingertips
  • It eradicates the problem of “choice-overload” leaving a customer feeling wondered about a wide range of options
  • This brings a win-win situation to both customer and provider by saving time, energy, and money

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Sowmya Siddalinganagowda Patil

Sowmya is a Technology Architect in Front end technologies at Infosys Digital Experience. She helps deliver Digital transformation programs for enterprises, by providing leadership, strategy, and technical consultation

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