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In this day and age, health and fitness are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With the rise of wearable technologies and mobile apps designed to track your every move, it can be difficult to keep all your health data in one place. That’s where health connect comes in.


What is Health Connect?

Health Connect is an innovative android platform that provides a single system for all of your health and fitness data. It allows various health and fitness apps to share on-device data, providing users with comprehensive view of their health and fitness progress.

For developers, this offers an API for reading and writing a user’s data. This makes it easier for developers to create health and fitness apps that can easily access a user’s data, making their app more effective and user-friendly. Health Connect is changing the way we approach health and fitness data management.


What Health Connect offers?

The android system is incredibly diverse, offering users a wide range of devices, platforms, and health and wellness apps. To make sense of this wealth of data, APIs provide a plethora of data types that enable users to monitor their health and fitness in one convenient location.

Health Connect is a useful tool that helps people take charge of their health and fitness information. It gives a complete view of where this data is kept and how it’s shared. By using Health Connect, people can learn more about their health and habits. This knowledge can help them make smarter decisions about how they live their lives.

Health Connect offers an extensive range of data types that span key categories, including activity, body measurements, tracking, nutrition, sleep and vitals. By capturing detailed information about their activities, measurements and vital signs, users can monitor and optimize their health and fitness.

In addition to providing users with a wealth of data, Health Connect also enables users to exercise greater control over their privacy. With quick and easy access to privacy controls, users can feel secure knowing that their health and fitness data is safe and secure. Overall, Health Connect is an essential tool for everyone not only for user but also for developers to take a proactive approach to health data.


How does Health Connect streamlines app integration with its API?

Health Connect is designed to make it easy for client apps to connect to the Health Connect API quickly and easily. This is done using a simple process that involves the SDK layer and IPC (Inter-Process Communication), which allows for seamless communication between the client app and the Health Connect API.


Health Connect API allows all other health and fitness apps to communicate with each other. This is achieved through a software development kit (SDK) that connects the client app to the Health Connect APK, which is the main component of the API. The APK is installed on the user’s device and contains both the permission Management and Data Management components.

The permission Management component allows apps to request permission from the user to display data, and it also provides a list of existing permissions for the user to control access to data across multiple applications.

The Data Management component provides an overview of recorded data, such as step count, cycling speed, heart rate, and other supported data types, through a user interface.

To integrate with Health Connect, client apps simply link the SDK into their app, which provides an API surface for interaction with the Health Connect API.


How Health Connect going to help developers?

  • Health Connect offers wide range of methods to read and write health and fitness data through its API.
  • Health Connect works with Android devices that have an OS version of 28 (Pie) or higher. The android SDK helps client apps check if the user’s device has the health connect APK installed or not. If the device doesn’t have it, Health Connect will automatically check if the device is compatible.
  • Health Connect is secure and developer will need to request for permission in order to access the health and fitness data from the user for each specific app.

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