Enterprise mobility: Shape the future with extreme automation!

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a key enabler of a digital workplace that allows organizations to deliver a secure mobility experience to employees – anytime, anywhere and on any device. Reimagining EMM processes and workflows and automating them while integrating with digital workplace is essential to create a truly digital enterprise. Extreme Automation in EMM refers to a fundamental re-imagination of EMM processes and workflows with the integration of multiple disruptive technologies. The emergence of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic process automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Advanced Analytics and Low-code solutions are key to the concept of Extreme Automation. Next-Gen EMM transformation and Operating Model combines disruptive technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, sequential manner to achieve a step-change improvement in productivity, collaboration, employee experience and cost. This blog will focus on how enterprise mobility is transforming through differentiated employee experiences with the help of Extreme Automation and Process Reimagination.

Importance of Process Reimagination and Extreme Automation in EMM

Organizations today recognize that extreme automation is critical to address changing requirements, workplace disruptions, and speed-to-deliver mobility services. Despite this recognition, many struggle to clearly define Extreme Automation and understand the importance of process reimagination, especially in enterprise mobility. As the digital mobility ecosystem becomes even more complex day by day, with tight delivery schedules, weekly change releases, and daily application updates, extreme automation helps to infuse re-imagined EMM processes, policies, configurations and workflows into the mobile workplace and helps organizations transform to a Next-Gen digital enterprise in a fast and predictable way. Identifying the key use cases at the early phases of EMM transformation and planning for automation can accelerate the overall transformation journey and enhance the employee experience. Key EMM use cases that can be considered for automation are shown in the below diagram.

EMM Automation Framework: How does it work?

Each organization has unique requirements and challenges for setting up an enterprise mobility services and operations model. Deploying a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution alone cannot meet all these expectations. Meeting these additional requirements often requires subscribing to add-on cloud services, purchasing third party solutions or development custom solutions. In today’s rapidly changing digital workplace, maintaining and operating multiple legacy solutions can soon result into cost overruns and poor employee experience. EMM Automation Framework offers a wide range of capabilities that can be customized and integrated with UEM platforms to meet specific requirements. EMM Automation Framework built using reusable components/scripts and low code solutions should be highly agile and adaptable following a composable architecture. Selection of tools and technologies for the automation framework can be based on the organization requirements and cloud strategies. Below diagram represents the conceptual view of a typical EMM automation framework based on Microsoft technologies.

EMM Conceptual view

Process reimagination and extreme automation guarantees the Next-Gen EMM transformation twice as fast as traditional EMM transformation approach, maximizing ROI while minimizing risks. 


Next-Gen EMM solutions and Operations model are not built but composed. Legacy systems, tools and processes cannot cope with today’s rapidly changing digital workplace requirements. Embracing disruptive solutions together with extreme process automation is essential for providing a hyper personalized digital workplace experience. With the expansion of the digital mobility ecosystems and remote access, Extreme Automation is a critical approach for organizations to reimagine intelligent workflows to continuously create agile automation solutions and enable employees work smarter and faster. Extreme automation is a fundamental reimagination of how Next-Gen enterprise mobility and operations works in this new digital world of disruptive technologies.


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Prakash Surendran Nair Nirmalakumari

Senior Technology Architect, specialized in Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions, Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, SharePoint and Mobile application development. Diversified IT experience in delivering solutions using Microsoft Technologies across various domains, customers and locations. Currently part of Infosys Digital Experience practice and leading various initiatives related to Digital Workplace Transformation and Microsoft Cloud Technologies.


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