Leveraging AI for Enhanced Communication


Communication is an important aspect for any organization. It is extremely important to have clear, reliable, effective and round the clock communication options, especially for customer related services.

Customers look for quick and clear communication along with faster responses to their queries. Customer support teams usually are the first point of contact for the customer communications related to customer issues, customer queries, feedback etc. These teams quite often get repeated questions from the customers. Then there are many features which can be accessed online but customers reach out to the support teams either because they are not comfortable with the online option or they are not aware of it or because the online option is not working.

Many of such queries can be handled without having a need for human intervention. Set of frequently asked questions (FAQs), Help pages in the documentation with proper, easy, accessible and clearly visible navigation links, FAQ based chatbots and many other options have been tried to replace human intervention.

AI provides numerous options and features to enhance the communication. AI based chatbot, automated voice assistant, automated email assistant, automated ticket creation, automated notifications, messaging and lot more. All such tools and features enhance and streamline customer experience.

Such AI based tools and features can be utilized by multiple industries like healthcare, retail, banking, hospitality etc. Such tools elevate the customer experience with seamless, fast and accurate handling of customer queries. Many of the generic and frequently asked queries can be handled without the need for human intervention.



Enhance customer experience: Customer does not have to wait endlessly for someone to pick the call, nor having to explain it multiple time, nor facing the issue of calls getting disconnected, the customers get a better service and helps in enhancing customer experience.

Cost benefits: AI based chatbots and tools once trained and deployed will help save cost due to reduction in human workforce. The chatbots can work round the clock without any breaks.

Improved efficiency: AI based chatbots and tools improve consistent and efficient results round the clock.

Remove the language barrier: With Natural language processing, the language no more remains a barrier. AI based chatbots and tools.

Social Media Integration: Using AI based tools and social media integration allows customers multiple options to connect with the companies.

Increase bandwidth for human taskforce: The AI based tools help in addressing with redundant tasks thus allowing the human workers more bandwidth for other tasks.



Cost of the Tools: The AI based tools have cost associated. This cost can be in form of an upfront cost, a subscription-based cost, usage-based cost etc.

Maintenance: Maintenance of such tools requires cost and expertise. Continuous tracking of vulnerabilities in the tools, the updates required etc.

Training the tool: The AI based tool needs to be trained before it can be deployed. Based on the training and the model it is trained on, it can perform only limited and specific tasks unlike a human who can be versatile and adaptive.


The AI revolution is touching and impacting every industry, every domain to disrupt the traditional ways of working and communicating. The benefits are lot more than those listed. The inefficiencies and limitations will gradually reduce with improvements over time.

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Mohammad Athar Jamal

Athar is an Enterprise and Cloud Solution Architect at Infosys. He works on Digital Transformation for different clients and enhances the Digital Experience for enterprises. He architects microservices, UI/Mobile applications, and Enterprise solutions by leveraging cloud services, designing cloud-native applications. His work includes providing leadership, strategy, and technical consultation.

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