WWDC 2024 Roundup: A Focus on Apple Intelligence and Enhanced Experiences


Apple’s WWDC 2024 started on June 10 and was packed with announcements around all the devices, operating systems, and applications in its ecosystem. Most of the announcements were centered around two key themes: Apple Intelligence and Improved User Experiences across its entire ecosystem. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the major announcements:


Apple Intelligence: A Privacy-Focused AI Assistant

  • Apple introduces a new suite of AI features called “Apple Intelligence”. This user-controlled and privacy-centric system leverages on-device processing for enhanced security.
  • “Private Cloud Compute” allows specific computation extensive AI tasks to run directly on a private cloud, sharing only the required data securely and temporarily.
  • Ability to lock and hide apps to boost your privacy.
  • User now controls which contacts an app can see.
  • The email list will now not show the first few lines of the email body but the summary of the contents of email. Thanks to Apple Intelligence.
  • Using Apple Pencil, you can now take handwritten notes and using Apple Intelligence the notes will be recreated in your own handwriting style but in a clear and consistent manner; no matter how fast you scribble! All thanks to SmartScript capabilities in iOS.
  • Improved Passwords app for secure login management across all your Apple devices. Available on Mac, iPad, iPhone, VisionOS and on Windows.
  • Seamless AI integration into existing workflows across iPhones, iPads, and Macs, offering features like text generation, summarization, rewording and improved Siri functionality.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT integration will play a crucial role in this, and Elon Musk has already warned that if OpenAI is integrated in iOS operating system then Apple devices will be barred in his companies.


iOS 18: Personalization and Accessibility Take Center Stage

  • iOS 18 allows users to personalize app placement, organize with custom folders, and leverage a wider variety of widgets for a more informative experience. New Controls are also available from locked screen.
  • Accessibility for AirPods receives a significant boost with new features for better sound control and customization options tailored for users with hearing difficulties.
  • Enhanced tap backs with limitless ways to express by using any emoji for tap back.
  • The ability to send messages at a scheduled time is also available in the Messages app.
  • Text formatting using Text Effects. Select a part of message to apply text effects.
  • When the user is off the grid, iMessage can be sent via satellites. Soon SMS messages will also be supported.
  • Further these are end-to-end encrypted. Available on iPhone 14 and later.
  • In emails app, on device categorization is now available just like Gmail.
  • Tap to Cash: a quick and private way to exchange Apple Cash without sharing phone or email.
  • Redesigned Photos app that groups photos with faces, places, time and event.


Apple AirPods

  • Interacting with Siri is even easier. Users can just nod their head for Yes or shake their head for No when wearing their AirPods.
  • Enhanced Voice Isolation to deliver clear voice on call, no matter the noise in your surroundings.


iPadOS 18: Multitasking Gets a Major Revamp

  • Multitasking on iPads becomes a breeze with “Stage Manager”. This feature allows users to resize and arrange multiple windows simultaneously, mimicking a true desktop experience.
  • Collaboration gets a boost with “Freeform”, a new app designed for brainstorming and note-taking. Users can work together in real-time, adding notes, images, and files to a shared virtual whiteboard.
  • The weather app gets a visual refresh, offering more detailed information and interactive features to keep you informed about the elements.
  • Apple Pencil functionality receives an upgrade with improved palm rejection technology and new features for taking handwritten notes.
  • iPad calculator app is now available that adds the ability to recognize handwritten text using Apple Pencil and calculate results inline.


watchOS 11: Enhanced Fitness Tracking and Mental Wellness Focus

  • New watch faces offer more customization options for a personalized look. Additionally, improved sleep tracking features provide deeper insights into your sleep patterns.
  • Training mode for workouts.
  • Health apps integrate with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to promote mental well-being.
  • The new Vitals App detects and displays the vitals that are outside your historical ranges and provides insights to your health.


macOS Sequoia (macOS 15): Streamlined Workflow and Enhanced Continuity

  • iPhone Mirroring: Mac users can now wirelessly mirror their iPhone screen for seamless interaction between devices. The phone remains locked! iPhone notifications are also available alongside Mac ones. Drag and drop from Mac to iPhone is also possible.
  • Multitasking gets a boost with “Auto Window Tiling”, which automatically organizes windows for efficient desktop usage.
  • Continuity features are enhanced for smoother handoff between Apple devices, and a universal password management app makes logins easier across the board.
  • Safari receives a privacy and organization upgrade with improved features for enhanced browsing experiences. It can now highlight essential information in websites you browse and can provide enhanced summaries in Reader mode.


tvOS 18: Personalized Recommendations and Elevated Gaming

  • A personalized recommendation feature called “Insight” suggests shows and movies based on user preferences, viewing history, and curated content.
  • Siri voice search gets smarter, allowing users to search by actor, director, genre, or specific content within shows and movies.
  • Gamers can connect to a wider range of game controllers for a more console-like experience on the Apple TV.
  • Family Sharing gets an upgrade with parental controls that can be set for specific Apple TV profiles within a Family Sharing group.
  • Live TV integration allows users to access their favorite streaming services for a centralized viewing experience.


visionOS 2: A More Refined Mixed Reality Experience

  • The mixed-reality experience on the Vision Pro headset gets smoother with improved app compatibility and performance optimizations.
  • Users have more control over their virtual environment and can personalize pre-built environments including sharing spatial photos using SharePlay in Photos app.
  • Hand tracking receives an upgrade with new gestures for more intuitive interaction within VR applications.
  • The LiDAR scanner is leveraged for improved object recognition and spatial mapping within VR experiences.
  • New developer tools are introduced to simplify the creation of high-quality VR apps for the Vision Pro headset.
  • Mac virtual display with ability to expand Mac screens in spatial view equivalent to two 4K monitors.



This comprehensive breakdown highlights the major announcements from WWDC 2024, highlighting Apple’s commitment to user privacy, intelligence integration, and enhanced experiences across its entire product line. Though Apple has adopted some of the best features of Android, Amazon Alexa, OpenAI and Gmail, it has also introduced some of the most enhanced features in watchOS, visionOS and iPadOS. I am sure that these enhancements might be unique to Apple ecosystem for a long time.

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