Delivering The Ultimate Automotive Customer Experience By Leveraging Salesforce

Bringing to you another Triumphant narrative of our successful engagement with a Europe based Automotive Major to deliver unparalleled customer experience by leveraging Salesforce.

With the strategic vision of implementing a single CRM and upgrading their IT infrastructure, the client partnered with Infosys for a transformation journey. The objective was to develop a robust, resilient and future-proof digital platform for managing sales, after sales, and marketing processes across their European, Overseas and APAC/India markets ensuring its compatibility and adaptability for future advancements.

In the pursuit of accomplishing the desired objective the client encountered a multitude of challenges namely- Lack of agility due to disparate systems, sub-optimal data governance which hampered the ability to respond to business requirements in an agile manner. The absence of a single CRM solution across markets had created challenges in providing a 360-degree view of the customer experience, Disparate selling processes in different markets which made it difficult to establish adequate audience segmentation, Complex and heterogeneous business processes and data models resulting in inability to provide a seamless customer journey across different channels, Concerns with customer data and privacy and misalignment to GDPR/region-specific regulations.

The challenge faced by client demanded a meticulous and inventive Approach to design applicable resolution. Infosys -Salesforce CRM Practice followed a differentiated approach to ensure that the right solution gets delivered back to the client and engaged with the client closely at every possible touch point.

Infosys delivered a full-force implementation leveraging Salesforce capabilities such as Salesforce Sales, Service, Einstein Analytics, Experience, and Marketing Cloud. The core CRM template was built with the idea of being 80% reusable across markets and the remaining 20% was left for market- specific customization to cater to local requirements. The ‘oneAPI’ integrated architecture enabled the removal of several redundancies from the system and carved a path for further optimization. The technology stack involved Salesforce CRM – Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud, with Heroku integration from Informatica Cloud and IBM MDM & IIB.

The solution was built with a highly reusable core, ensuring faster time-to- market and cost optimization across more than 30 countries with more countries in roadmap. The solution offering multilingual support benefits a user base of over 1500 wholesale and retail users and over 20,000 partners. Infosys redesigned the CRM architecture to fast-track real-time integrations, reduce infrastructure dependency, and improve scalability and stability. This resulted in 45% higher reusability and 50% faster time-to-market.  The solution focused on propagating personalization to increase brand loyalty by establishing a relationship with consumers on websites and other digital touch points. This resulted in an intuitive and smart online car buying process with an effective bid management portal to support the digital experience

Infosys worked closely with stakeholders in business and IT during the fit-gap analysis with emphasis on reusability, process simplification, standardization, scalability, and personalization. This helped gain the client’s trust and gave them confidence in our delivery capabilities. Since the client was short-staffed, Infosys went the extra mile to take things under control and delivered well beyond the client’s expectations.

As a result, “The client was able to deliver over a thousand cars within 45 days of launch using the new direct-to-customer sales strategy. This improved the order lifecycle to just 14 days to order completion from the time of booking”.

Futureproofing is something every customer desires and Salesforce caters to those needs. Salesforce as a platform that provides a robust yet flexible solution ensuring that our customers unlock the full power of the platform. Keeping up with the rapidly changing global trends and customer demands across all verticals in various industries, Salesforce is continuously innovating causing a disruption in the entire value chain. We are continuously navigating our next with our successful partnership with Salesforce. Watch out this space more for other insightful and other industry relevant success stories.

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Akshaya Satyavana

A Seasoned Salesforce Presales professional with 5+ years of Techno Functional experience in responding to Salesforce proposals, collaborating with the different Technologies to built a holistic, compelling and competitive solution to customers.

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