Aspirations for the Future of Healthcare – From Ideas to Actions

Aspirations for the Future of Healthcare – From Ideas to Actions

The healthcare sector is being transformed by the digital revolution, shifting towards better quality and greater accessibility of care at lower costs. An industry event brought together leaders and SMEs to discuss how to fast-track this adoption of digital health solutions by addressing the key areas.

Keys to widespread adoption

The discussion pointed out that a major area of focus for widespread adoption was clearly showcasing the value proposition of digitization to the healthcare providers, payers and hospital enterprises. To accomplish this, there must primarily be an evident differentiation and identification of a provision that can increase adherence or treatment efficacy, such as a treatment regimen personalized at the individual level, which can lead to tangible value. From there, the skills required to deploy such a solution have to be identified and developed in collaboration with partners that have expertise in medical-grade digital platforms or a SaMD solution. This also has to include the space for customization to better fit patient and treatment needs. Finally, to generate value and therein push adoption, engagement in considerable field-testing and adopting an iterative development approach is pivotal. Here, there must be space  to incorporate market feedback to align with customer expectations.

In addition, the adoption of digitization will also rely on the reimbursement pathway seeing a mindset shift. The patient journeys in the present have completely evolved and have automated basic processes to facilitate fast approvals, considerably improving patient care. As the services become more patient-centric, registration and reimbursement will also have to adapt accordingly. This change, with the patient as the focus, has also caused ripples in the whole value chain and promotes the emergence of new technologies that further revolutionize the industry.

Working towards the end goal

Successful adoption, especially in the APAC region, depends upon organizations & enterprises leveraging the right strategy that can work with the policies in the respective region. A collective effort from industries, organizations and other trade bodies will be required to achieve proper maturity and at the same time, user and clinic barriers can be tackled through promotions, mandates and by creating a sense of urgency. The goal here is the potential promise that digital healthcare offers. These powerful technologies have the capability to be a leveler across the economic strata and raise the standard of care, with the right funding.

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Gurdeep Singh Rooprai

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