Infosys CIP: Enhancing Commercial Operations for the Life Sciences Industries’ New Drug Launches

Data proliferation in the life sciences industry is happening at a pace faster than the industry has time to consume the data and generate meaningful insights. Efforts made by organizations by investing in large data warehouses and building pipelines for the ingestion of external data have mostly led to disconnected data platforms. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are no one-size fits all solution in the market that can address the life sciences commercial data challenge.

Moreover, new drug launches are not going as expected and are running into multiple obstacles, including:

  • High onboarding time
  • Building point solutions for every brand
  • Buying data from multiple sources like IQ or drugs and symphonies
  • Building reporting engine for each brand

This ends up in clients exceeding their budget without getting the ROI and failing to achieve effective brand performance. Hence, they need a solution that provides an end-to-end insight platform for the challenge on one hand and is also flexible enough to repurpose existing investments of clients. With this in mind, Infosys developed the Commercial Insights Platform.

What is the Infosys Commercial Insights Platform? What does it do?

The Infosys Commercial Insights Platform is a cloud-based platform with out-of-box features, that help reduce the data onboarding time to generate focus sites for various commercial personas, and enables easy collaboration across functions and patterns.

It was built with the vision to drive end-to-end digital transformation across the entire life sciences value chain, enhance enterprise performance, help commercial teams to do more with less, and drive agility, innovation, and real-world data focus to improve patient outcomes. With its one version of the truth, it is faster to insights, adaptable to client needs, and scalable across the entire portfolio of the clients.

What does the Platform encompass?

While building the platform, Infosys considered a range of solution principles and architectural options. The three main guiding principles were:

  • The focus of the solution – the consumer and personas – end users.
  • Building a modular solution that is reusable and provides end-to-end capabilities.
  • Bringing the power of the ecosystem – creating repeatability by leveraging the ecosystems of pharmacies, the payers, or the provider organizations’ collective power.
  • In terms of architecture, AWS was selected because it has modularity requirements, end-to-end capability requirements, and ecosystem requirements.

The platform goes beyond the existing solutions in the market in that it specifically addresses the end-user, by bringing in pre-configured KPIs based on commercial personas that consider the key nuances of each.

Can the Platform address the current market challenges and deliver the promised results?

The healthcare and life sciences ecosystem is rapidly evolving and there are many environmental factors that are significantly impacting the changes. The commercial ecosystem is becoming much more complex, multiple interdependencies are affecting care management decisions and utilization.

Additionally, life sciences companies are going through complex patient journeys which require tech intervention to help patients along the continuum of care. The customer communication preference channel is changing and moving from traditional to virtual. The personalized customer Omni channel engagements involving data need to be captured along the customer touch points journey to get it connected. To address all these challenges along with difficulties in drug launch, it has to be backed by comprehensive advanced analytics capabilities.

AWS offers a modern data platform along with a very comprehensive approach to data security and privacy to make this journey easier and future-proof. This, in combination with the platform’s personality-driven approach, the reusability factor, the pre-built models, and the native architecture that has been followed in being able to address the scale and the complexities of the ever-growing needs of the users, and thirdly bringing all the learning and the domain experience in terms of whether it be analytical models or quality libraries, that can be used for planned launches is what makes the Infosys Commercial Insights Platform suitable to address the challenges and the complexities that the industry is facing.

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Results oriented seasoned executive with over 2 decades of experience. Partner, advisor, disruptor; spent over a decade working with Life science's clients. Helping clients through they journey to adopt digital, monetize their data, extract value through M&A and, improve brand launches through adoption of digital and data led insights. Spearheading Infosys' efforts in investments through platform led solutions in the field of data and insights and helping clients build their digital core through SAP S4

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