Public Metaverse Platform – THE SANDBOX

Let’s look into some feature of public Metaverse – THE SANDBOX.

  • The Sandbox is Ethereum blockchain based third largest Metaverse.
  • It allows the users to create the assets and gaming experiences , share, and monetize these assets .
  • It was developed by Pixowl
  • Along with blockchain, the Sandbox leverages the potential of non- fungible tokens(NFTs) to allow people to experience the virtual world. The NFTs lend the users qualities like scarcity, security, and authenticity.
  • The Sandbox allow people to experience the virtual world by leveraging the potential of non- fungible tokens(NFTs) & blockchain  The NFTs lend the users qualities like security, scarcity and authenticity.
  • Besides Metaverse, the Sandbox is well known for mobile games – The Sandbox release in 2011 and The Sandbox Evolution release in 2016.

The Sandbox Platform consists of 3 integrated products.


  • This package help in creation of powerful free NFT and 3D voxel modeling.
  • it enable users to create and animate many 3D objects like vehicles, humans, foliage, animals, tools and other items.


  • It help users to upload, publish, and sell their non- fungible tokens(NFT) creations made with VoxEdit.
  • Decentralized storage is provided by uploading your Creations into an IPFS network and you can achieve ownership by registered onto the blockchain. This will convert the creations into ASSETS which can be sold on the marketplace which will allow the potential buyers to purchase it.

Game Maker

  • Allows to build very good 3D games without writing any code.
  • It has a good collection of interactive creations and experiences to explore.

There are 4 types of tokens used in Sandbox. they are SAND, LAND, ASSETS & CATALYSTS. Out of 4 LAND allows you to buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS in The Sandbox Metaverse.

PROS of Sandbox

  • Revolutionizes the concept of building a complete and total gaming universe on Ethereum blockchain.
  • It’s decentralized protocol makes it simple for its users to buy, sell and trade various products and services.
  • NFTs coupled with decentralized protocol in Sandbox ensures safe and secure ownership of in-universe assets.
  • Uses AMA(Ask Me Anything) format for education of the platform’s community.

CONS of Sandbox

  • The SAND token has economic restriction.
  • The SAND token is only useful to either game developers or gamers themselves. The holders of SAND tokens rights and platform’s opportunities are limited to game use or game creation.
  • The type of authentication algorithm is used in the protocol is unknown.

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Surya Beegam, is a Senior Technology Architect in Digital Experience. She is specialised in the architecting & designing of the mobile Apps. Currently concentrating more towards metaverse implementation.

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