How do We Provide Data Protection for your Couchbase Database?

Couchbase Database is an open-source, distributed NoSQL, JSON document-oriented database. The data is stored in the form of buckets which provide a safe framework for data storage, organization, management and review. Nowadays, Couchbase Database is used in various domains like large interactive networks, mobiles and IoT.

Couchbase Database was made available from 2011. In recent times, it has gained more popularity ranking fourth among other NoSQL databases like Cassandra, HBase, Redis and Riak with a score of 28.46 due to various advantages.

Couchbase Database does not follow master-slave architecture for configuration, unlike Mongo dB Couchbase Database, which has no requirement of third-party caches to manage more users and Mongo dB, which uses Memcached protocol. Couchbase Database supports Web UI, Command-line Interface (CLI) or REST API for maintenance, unlike Mongo dB, which only supports Command-line Interface. It protects data by controlling access, encryption, discovery and auditing.


Key Features:

  1. Controlling Access: Couchbase Database authenticates and provides controlled authorization to the user.
  2. Data Encryption: Data Encryption in Couchbase Database is done at various levels. Before the data hits the server, it is encrypted within the application as it contains sensitive information. When this data moves from the application to the server, there is a chance the sensitive information can be seen by the man-in-middle eavesdropping on the connection, which can be prevented by enabling encrypted data access using the Secure Sockets Layer. The data is also encrypted when it moves across the datacenters using Secure Cross Datacenter Replication, which encrypts the traffic using an SSL connection. Once stored on the disk, data is encrypted by Vormetric, which is installed at the storage layer.
  3. Data Discovery and Auditing: Couchbase Database identifies the sensitive data and masks it. The audit logs created by Couchbase Database has information about who performed which action and when, and whether it was successful or not.


How can iEDPS be used to protect data in Couchbase Database?
Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS) is a data privacy product from Infosys. The product contains various features like data discovery, data masking, data gen, etc. One of the key USPs is the support for a wide variety of data sources that the users can use to consistently discover, protect and subset data among multiple data sources. The data sources include cloud-based sources, RDBMS, file, NoSQL (Couchbase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Cosmos), etc.

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