Privacy- A catalyst in SAP Modernization

The fact that our everchanging and evolving world is driven by novel and more efficient technological advancements is witnessed by the masses almost on daily basis.

To harmonize with these advancements, most of our customers are focusing on modernizing SAP by migrating their data to cloud platforms, raising certain compliance, security, and privacy concerns.

Also, about 60% of the SAP implementations slow down when they are engaged in managing data residency, and data localization.

Forrester mentions about this slowing down in a blog that it is due to complex user interface, long implementation times, and the significant effort required in maintenance and customization. Organizations are inadvertently increasing the number of access paths to their critical data assets as SAP functionalities and products expand.


Complications Associated with SAP Modernization


In a study conducted by Globalscape, it is estimated that data privacy programs can cost organizations between $7.7 million and $30.9 million to meet or maintain compliance, depending on their industry.

·       This high cost involved in Compliance is due to the:

o Cross-border data flow

o   Inability to keep up with regulatory changes

o   Complicated implementation

o   Fewer experts.

•      No compliance or data breaches might result in data loss, which in turn leads to huge penalties and causes the customers to lose trust in the organization.

•      Recently a global short-term homestay and experiences company, an SAP client, faced a data breach that allowed some of its users in Europe and around the world to view other hosts’ private inboxes. They are likely to face massive fines for the same.




A Privacy First transformation needs to be implemented to minimize the adverse effects and tackle challenges.

Privacy should be your business enabler to leverage standard platforms which can discover the areas of concern, design certain approaches to form a solution, deliver that solution, and defend the SAP ecosystem.

Recently, this privacy framework was embraced by a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer that was trying to get back to profitability and strong brand recognition than before. SAP was selected as an appropriate ERP platform with modules including FI/CO, AM, AP/AR, MM, SD, PS, and IM.

The automobile company transformed itself into a dynamic company with record profits in two years.

They were able to build a strategy of lasting profitable growth by following a Privacy First approach in which privacy comes into play right from the start thereby giving total control.




Infosys recommends using the existing capabilities SAP provides and leveraging them with the improved and trusted data privacy products together creating a Best-in-class platform for managing Privacy Data protection.

Infosys has one such in-house Data Privacy Protection product called iEDPS (Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite) that can bring in the capabilities like Tokenization, Customized privacy templates, Selection of algorithms, etc.

With a market presence of 12+ years, iEDPS has accomplished 80+ successful customer implementations with its popular features being Data Discovery and Data Masking.

iEDPS is now also SAP Certified with its solution published on SAP CSD:



Data privacy is very critical for every organization and SAP providers can leverage the privacy products like iEDPS in the market thereby staying strategically ahead.

Author Details

Reehan Kalandar Shaikh

A budding Associate Consultant at Infosys, who looks after the pre-sales and has worked on various iEDPS implementations with expertise on data masking configurations and synthetic data generation.

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