Unlock the value of your ERP (SAP or Legacy or Home grown)- Expand the capabilities with one right move – Oracle EPM!

It is not uncommon for organizations with SAP as their core ERP in their ecosystem to look out for best of breed EPM solutions outside of their current enterprise application landscape; The hesitancy comes with the challenges of enabling this multi-product co-existence and awaited benefits from the already heavy investment.


To help organizations to move away from this traditional mind-set, Infosys brings out differentiated ways of designing your future ready enterprise solution by

o   Cohesively Leveraging SAP as the ERP and Oracle EPM to build a complete Enterprise-wide performance management solution.

o   Enable the landscape to take diverse data from disparate systems and bring them together

o   Building the SAP and EPM relationship cost effectively

o   Revisiting and reviving the stagnant use cases from SAP and discovering the capabilities from Oracle EPM


So, when organizations encounter questions like “Can we leverage best of breed Oracle EPM for our financial needs, and still have SAP data sources!?! Would these systems work well together?”. The answer to this is an emphatic YES!!!


There are several reasons for organizations to choose Oracle Enterprise Performance management (EPM) over plethora of tools available in market.

1.       One stop Solution – EPM offers a comprehensive Set of business process solutions for your complete Financial and Reporting needs for your CFO and CTO office.

2.       Time-tested – Oracle EPM solutions have been performing well for many customers over decades now, catering to their variety of industry based custom needs and unique ways of working

3.       Expedited Fulfillment – Proven Quicker Implementation Cycle with Early value realization

4.       Multi-fold Integrations – Availability of Tools and adaptors that can integrate seamlessly with customer’s existing application landscape

5.       Future Readiness –High performing scalable solution to meet Future needs

6.       Constant Innovation – Adapting roadmaps for solutions Refinement and consistent improvisation of the EPM capabilities


So, if as an organization is looking for answers to below questions there is an Infosys solution for a risk-free and cost effective solution with high ROI.


·         Could we leverage our existing landscape with new solution?

·         What is the effort & financial impact?

·         What is the watch-out for faster user adoption?

·         How can the solution be made seamless to minimize any issues/error?

·         How soon can we implement?

·         What are the top 10 KPI’s that we can expect to improve with this initiative?



At Infosys, we have created solution frameworks for our diverse customer base and huge stock of tools and accelerators for your well-prepared financial transformation journey. Our 3A Solution offerings would help in:

Assess: Product and Process fitment

•       Assess the current IT Landscape including SAP and its fitment with Oracle EPM

•       Helps identify the Gaps and best Practices

Apply: Implement

•       Implement Oracle EPM utilizing: Pre-built Metadata, Forms, Report, Security and validation frameworks

•       Integration & Automation Toolset for SAP and EPM Interfaces

•       Integration Adaptors, reusable scripts

Advance: Report & Analyze

•       Report Repository with Best Practice

•       Reconciliation Framework

•       Automation Repository


This rapid and predictable transformation would help in lowering the implementation cost with assured quality. Some of our solutions key value propositions are:

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Shobha Rani

Ms. Sharma has more than 18 years of experience in the Financial Planning, Budgeting and Reporting area in IT industry in various domains such as Services, communications, Banking, Finance, Retail, and Pharma. She has been leading teams in EPM Space in both On Premise and Cloud transformation projects. She has expertise in financial planning and Budgeting (Hyperion Planning, PBCS, EPBCS), Profitability (PCMCS, HPCM), Integration (EDM, FDMCS) and Reporting solutions (Narrative Reporting).


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