Demystifying Metaverse in Discrete Manufacturing

Metaverse is a Pseudo reality which brings together culmination of digital and real-world experience blended to the end user , it is an eco-system that involves AR/VR/XR, IOT, AI/ML , web 3.0 and other emerging technology in digital space . It is not only useful for the entertainment purpose but also for the business purpose: example Banking, training / simulation , Gaming industry, defense , healthcare, agriculture, Education , Manufacturing, construction etc. Every technology / eco system will follow the ETVX(Entry-Task-Verification-Exit) criteria. The entry criteria being anything emerging in digital space , that can gel with the eco system. The task criteria being the purpose for which this is deployed / developed ( say simulation etc.). The verification being whether the developed system is meeting the expected standards and is usable by end user as part of their daily functional routines. The exit criteria is to check the deployment is made seamlessly usable for end user.

10 years ago , one couldn’t have imagined the world with payment mechanisms taking shape completely in digital format , say via UPI (Unified Payments Interface). In the current time it has become the norm and common man’s day to day transaction mechanism. in a similar way it is envisaged that Metaverse eco system would evolve into a robust framework , where in, the manufacturing sector can leverage its functionalities and brace itself for less operational downtime via the usage of IOT , train its workers on the complex machine repair and maintenance using the AR/VR/XR and the digital twin.

1. Famous aircraft manufacturer uses the IOT to do the health check of the engine and predict the upcoming possible downtime due to sudden issues , if any , and take timely action , to maximize on the uptime of the engines. Also training technicians with real aircraft is expensive and time consuming, hence they deployed virtual reality solution with software provider. The program helps technicians to simulate the aircraft touchdown , in the most realistic way , but without the time, expense and risks of the environment . Trainees also have the advantage of being able to perform in a virtual environment with no real consequences, compared to on-the-job training with heavy equipment in hazardous environments.

2. Famous car manufacturing company was able to design the virtual representation of physical car using the digital twin concept and was able to collaborate across different diverse internal teams and get a 30% improvement in overall design of the car.

Although Metaverse requires High end computing resource and huge virtual related infrastructure investment to blend the virtual and real space , it is not a science-fiction , it would be a reality in near future, and all of us will embrace the same at some point( like famous aircraft and automobile manufacturer ) as we had embraced the digital payment mechanisms. especially in manufacturing industry where the possibility is limitless. one can show the prototype of the manufactured product upfront to the end customer , including the demonstration of usage of the product, in the virtual world, which will help client take faster decision , rather than relying on data of age-old practice of past experiences and similar clients handled, kind of,  recommendation from previous similar clients. This opens space for newbie’s as well , who do not have past experience , and can compete with experienced players provided they strike the right chord at the right time . The possibility is infinite.


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