Infosys at Dreamforce 2022

Infosys is an innovator level sponsor at dreamforce 2022 themed “Accelerate your transformation “along with our acquired companies Simplus and Fluido

This year we are excited to showcase Infosys Cobalt solutions and assets required to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Visit our booth and hear from industry leaders and experts on:

  • New business models aligned to Salesforce product roadmap for elevating your customer and employee experience
  • How Infosys has leveraged Salesforce platform eco-system to help clients redefine their digital strategy and run industry led initiatives for business growth during these unprecedented times
  • Move on the path to become leaders by adapting and evolving along with the market trends
  • Amplify the value of data and find ways to monetize newer data models

Don’t miss to attend exclusive sessions hosted by Infosys:

Session 1 – How to accelerate and personalize your healthcare transformation – Wed, Sep 21, 1.00 pm

Session 2 – Accelerating the future of banking – Thu, Sep 22, 10.30 am

Session 3 – How to accelerate your digital transformation with CI/CD – Wed, Sep 21, 11.00 am

Session 4 – Manufacturing breakfast and bubbles with Johnson Controls – Thu, Sep 22, 8.00 am

Block your calendar and join us for the best ever in-person dreamforce experience





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