Scaling New Summits with Infosys at Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce 2023, held between September 12 and 14, marked a significant milestone in the world of technology and innovation. As we wrap up this exhilarating chapter, we present a comprehensive overview of the extraordinary journey we embarked on.


Dreamforce 2023 – Illuminating the AI Frontier

Dreamforce 2023, the largest global artificial intelligence (AI) event by Salesforce, brought together technology and innovation under one roof. With the theme ‘Now everyone is an Einstein – Data + AI + CRM + Trust,’ the event showcased the fusion of AI and data cloud.

Key announcements at the event included Salesforce’s groundbreaking Einstein 1 platform for AI trust, the transformative Copilot Studio suite, and the democratization of data with free licenses. Additionally, there were significant developments in the integration of Marketing and Commerce Cloud, data-driven automation, slack innovations, data visualization, global economic projections, ethical AI commitments, sustainability initiatives, and life sciences solutions. These announcements collectively underscored the convergence of technology, ethics, sustainability, and industry-specific solutions at the forefront of innovation.

Infosys at Dreamforce 2023

Infosys, as a Groundbreaker sponsor at Dreamforce, made a remarkable impact by showcasing an array of Salesforce and ecosystem innovations. This included impactful use cases, cutting-edge solutions, a wide range of offerings, and compelling client testimonials. All the elements at our booth resonated with our theme, ‘Scale New Summits,’ championing an AI-first and innovation mindset.

Our impressive lineup included 50+ assets for over 15 solutions, more than 10 engaging customer stories, and four analyst reports spanning nine units, all seamlessly integrated into a unified user interface (UI). This showcase demonstrated our expertise and unwavering commitment to pioneering technology and industry leadership.

This display of Infosys’ Solidarity brought together participation and solutions from multiple practices and business units, including subsidiaries.

A First for Infosys: Salesforce Partner Innovation Award

Infosys proudly received the 2023 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Industries – Communications (Consulting) category. Salesforce presented the award at an exclusive event on September 11.

This award recognizes us for our innovative use of the Salesforce Customer 360 and our unwavering dedication to accelerating success for joint customers. Infosys’ submission was noted as exceptional and stood out in this award category.

Content Sessions

Theatre: Turbocharge your transformation using GenAI and Infosys Topaz

Anjali Yadav, AVP, Unit Client Solution Head, Infosys, led an insightful session on September 13. She delved into the shift toward an AI-first mindset, describing how Infosys Salesforce GenAI solutions and offerings can create a differentiated value proposition. She began by sharing her perspective on why an AI-first mindset is the future of digital transformation. The session included demo screen recordings of key use cases for Infosys Salesforce GenAI solutions and offerings. Anjali concluded with some forward-looking thoughts on ‘Creating a no-regrets move as you embark on your GenAI journey.’

Leadership Keynote: Insights from executives driving innovation

A keynote and Q&A panel discussion were held on September 14. The discussion, exclusively for leaders in charge of spearheading innovation, revolved around the challenges and innovative solutions related to data management, AI, and more.

Theatre: Infosys-Fluido Wealth360: Empowering financial choices

Tobias Mangerich, Enterprise Salesforce CoE Lead at Fluido, along with Christopher Schyma from Salesforce, presented Infosys-Fluido’s Wealth360 solution on September 14. They highlighted how the solution empowers financial advisers to achieve success by enhancing financial literacy and enabling them to provide tailored advice to customers.

Exclusive Cocktail Reception

We hosted an exclusive, invite-only cocktail reception that was a resounding success. In attendance were over 125 senior executives representing clients, partners, and analysts. It provided us with an excellent opportunity to foster connections and engage in thought-provoking discussions centered around new frontiers in human experiences.

Client and Prospect Engagements

We had over 100+ client and prospect meetings and engagements.

Analyst Interactions

Leading analysts visited our booth for meetings with subject matter experts (SMEs) and clients. These meetings included discussions with industry experts on various topics.

Partner Engagements

We had multiple productive meetings and engagements with senior executives from Salesforce and MuleSoft. Discussions covered a range of strategic topics.

Social Media Coverage

We launched a social media campaign two months in advance to promote our participation at Dreamforce, using hashtags such as #ScaleNewSummits, #InfyatDreamforce, #InfosysCobalt, and #DF23. Our campaign garnered a multi-million reach on LinkedIn and X (previously Twitter).

The entire Infosys Salesforce ecosystem played a pivotal role in creating a buzz on social media. Our strategic promotions were instrumental in boosting our visibility, engagement, and competitive positioning, ultimately resulting in this significant accomplishment.


In conclusion, Dreamforce 2023 illuminated the path forward in the world of Salesforce, showcasing the fusion of AI, data, CRM, and trust. Infosys made remarkable strides at this monumental gathering, receiving the 2023 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award and reinforcing our commitment to pioneering technology and industry leadership. Our content sessions, discussions, and exclusive gatherings emphasized the importance of an AI-first mindset, data management, and the empowerment of financial choices in the digital era. Collaborative efforts with clients, analysts, and partners demonstrated our commitment to mutual success. Our robust social media campaign showcased our reach and engagement, cementing our position in the technology landscape. As we look ahead, we remain eager to help our clients “Scale New Summits” and continue to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. We thank all who contributed to the success of Dreamforce 2023 and look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead.

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Surbhi Sharma

Surbhi is presently playing the role of marketing lead for ECAS (Salesforce) practice at Infosys. In the past, she has worked on presales activities and managed large pursuits for the salesforce practice.

Lakshmi Kannan

Marketing enthusiast and marketing specialist with Salesforce experience in bid management.


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