Accelerate Application Modernization and Migration on AWS with Infosys Accelerators for Containerization

Containers are a lightweight and portable way to build and deploy cloud-native applications that are scalable, resilient, and easy to manage. Containerization and container orchestration platforms have fast become de-facto foundations for modern applications.

While container-based architectures can be used for a variety of use cases with wide-ranging benefits, they can also be complex and effort-intensive, and using the right approach and tools for building applications is essential.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  • Common use cases and reference architectures that can be implemented by leveraging AWS services
  • Key considerations for containerized application design
  • Infosys tools for simplifying and accelerating the container adoption journey, including developing new cloud-native applications as well as modernizing legacy applications

Read the full blog written by Infosys and AWS architects.

Author Details

Mandar Shete

Mandar is a leader in the Application Modernization Practice at Infosys and focuses on helping clients accelerate their application migration and modernization journey using cloud and open source technologies.

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