Can Generative AI immortalize an artist?

Everyone in tech circles is talking about Generative AI. Its use-cases are being discussed all over the world in different forums, conferences, cohorts. Corporate world is exploring its applicability in their respective industries. Technocrats are learning Generative AI to remain relevant in the job-market. All this is because of the power the Generative AI unleashes, and the potential it brings along.  Organizations which will be able to embrace it and utilize to improve their productivity will become darlings of the investors and those which are not able to adopt it run the risk of becoming outdated.

There are many Generative AI applications which can produce new text, pictures, and voice.  Chat GPT and other text generative applications are capable of writing articles, blogs, essays, and poems. Soon they will also write stories, novels, songs.

In the field of sound and audio, Generative AI applications are already able to synthesize or clone voice, convert one speaker’s voice to other speaker’s or to translate to another language while retaining emotional expressions. They can also create sound effects, generate music, and do playback singing.

Talk about images and graphics, the Generative AI applications can create authentic artworks, painting, and sketches. They can also edit photos automatically to improve quality or give artistic effect. Face aging, Face faking (remember deep Fake?) are other examples.

All this is quite fascinating and the content they produce feels so real. These applications are learning and improving every day and they will become more and more sophisticated and powerful.

All these advancements will revolutionize the Entertainment industry. Generative AI’s ability to produce new content takes everything at a completely different level. This industry has transformed recently with the arrival of Netflix and so many OTT platforms. In case of latest movies, the TV series etc., the graphics and visual effects have become greatly advanced. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or the Navi humanoid in Avatar, the waterfalls in Hindi movie Bahubali, the outer space shown in movies – Gravity, Interstellar, the superheroes in Avengers seem so real and make us awe stuck. To bring this amazing experience to us, there is so much hard work that the directors, the graphic designers, editors, and others in the production house do. It also takes a large budget, significant time and effort to create such realistic content.

Now imagine if you have a powerful Gen AI application that can do all the work that the production house does. E.g. writing a movie script, casting, creating background setting, composing music, playback songs, dialog writings, editing, costume design etc. Soon all these will be done by Gen AI. Of Couse it will need a large amount of data to be able to do it. But that is not so difficult, it could be possible by feeding the AI model with movies and IMDb data of last 150 years.

Let’s imagine the future of commercial movies!

Suppose a production house wants to produce a new movie based on a best-selling novel or short story, a famous poetry, or a Japanese folk tale. They can use the Gen AI to create a movie script from it; or Gen AI can itself create an original movie script as per preference.  Gen AI can also create scenes, background settings, generate dialogues, make-up. They can just choose whichever actors they want from any part of the world or even history, maybe you want Marlon Brando or Tom Hanks as the lead actor or any other crazy combination like – Amitabh Bachchan with Marlyn Monero. You can change the movie backdrop to be set in any context e.g. present day New-York or 60’s Shanghai or 1700’s Paris.

Similarly, music will be composed and generated by Gen AI and then you can choose playback singers as desired.

Since Gen AI tool is feeding on millions of movies, TV shows, Songs, novels, scripts, it will generate the creative movies as per your likings.

Imaging you are voicing over to your Gen AI Movie Builder Software – ‘Produce a 90 mins long murder mystery movie based on Agatha Christy’s novel XYZ…; set it in a tier 2 city in India and take Rajesh Khanna, Madhubala as lead, have 2 romantic songs in voice of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. create versions in all languages; and make sure it can clear UA certification. And “aabra ka dabra” movie is ready for you to review and edit if required. The production house may need to pay royalty to actors, singers to use their face and voice but they will not need to wait for their availability, take them to different shooting spots, design costumes, do shooting and do many more such expensive and time-consuming activities. Think, we have the answer – Yes, Gen AI can certainly make an artist immortal.

If this idea amazed you with future possibilities. let me take you to a next level – imaging a world with personalized movies. You can create your own movies. Or suppose, a new movie is just released, and you have a choice to watch it with your favorite actors and singers in it, or you may even choose yourself and your partner as the lead actors. Gen AI will do it all for you. Different language choice may be an in-built feature going forward. The production houses will not have to explicit dub and translate.

All these possibilities are not too far into future. The pace with which the technology is evolving, all this will become a reality in next 3 to 5 years; keep in mind these applications never sleep, they continue to learn every minute.

Are we prepared and do we really want this?

Even though it may look great and amazing at first, we need to be aware and cautious of the consequences coming our way. The case of deepfakes is one of many potential threats we have already witnessed. The biggest worry is Gen AI can kill opportunities for new budding actors, supporting actors, singers, directors, translators, Musicians, and artists. Since everything can be generated by Gen AI with a choice to pick the best known or already established artists, few will be willing to give a chance to new talent. Even if they are very in-expensive to hire, no-one will be willing to take the effort and pain to create authentic new content. Very soon, human creativity can be dead. Since everything you want to create, can be done quickly and easily by the Gen AI application, humans will no longer make effort to create something original or unique. And remember, Entertainment industry is just an example, the similar future can be expected in Media, advertising industry, art industry, in literary world, and many more.

Creativity is the most unique talent and gift that the god/nature has blessed humans with, it makes human race far superior to all other species; and we should make all possible efforts to preserve this gift.


P.S. – This is an original article, hand-typed; and is not AI Generated.

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