Building Bridges: Navigating Community and Connection at Infosys through iBELIEVE

By Jordan Seabrook

In my almost seven years at Infosys I have met and worked with dozens of talented and wonderful people. I’ve always felt like I had a community at the firm, but that community was tested during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when our monthly Friday gatherings abruptly ended.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to lean on a new community – iBELIEVE.

What is iBELIEVE?

iBELIEVE is the Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) that encompasses all of Infosys Limited and was started in 2020. We meet a few times a month to discuss our shared experiences and support each other in pursuits both inside and outside work. In addition to our general chats we also host numerous larger events each year and have ongoing projects including community service. We are also able to present a perspective on the firm that is valuable to both incoming and current members of the company. For example, during recruitment season we spend time speaking with and connecting informally with interested candidates. The effect has been telling; in the time since iBELIEVE was started the headcount of Black consultants has increased.

Why is a Black ERG needed at all?

The need for ERGs comes from the inevitable experience of an organization having wide and varied interests and identities within it. This doesn’t only manifest itself around unalterable traits like race or sexual orientation. It can be as simple as not caring about sports while being surrounded by people who do care. It is incredibly valuable to have a space where like-minded people can gather around things you find interesting or worthwhile. One form of doing that is an ERG.

ERGs also provide other benefits. iBELIEVE offers personal mentorship for our members. New joiners are introduced to team members, some of whom have been with Infosys for over a decade. We encourage people in their paths to promotion, as well as host sessions offering practical advice on things such as navigating bench time.

We have realized that a Black ERG is vital to retention of Black employees. We now boast a membership of 100+ and regularly get 300+ people joining our events. Encouragingly, these public forum events receive tremendous support from our non-Black colleagues.

How can non-minority employees find value in iBELIEVE?

The value of iBELIEVE – and indeed any of the rest of the ERGs – is not simply available to those within the affinity group. Our ERG is open to any Infosys employee who wishes to support and improve the Black experience within the company. Even if you don’t know how you might be able to help, just your presence at meetings or events is valuable. We are always in need of volunteers for events like the National Black MBA Association conference each fall. Our events are also an additional place to get to network with people who you may otherwise never meet. I have no doubt that if any of you decide to join iBELIEVE you will find the same value as I have.

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any questions about iBELIEVE.

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